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Customer Ratings & Reviews for Livingston Insurance Agency

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"My relationship with Jan spans more than 20 years...In the professional context, my wife and I are clients of Livingston Insurance Agency and have our home, rental properties, vehicles and umbrella policies through Jan. A major factor in our decision to retain this agency was his willingness to go beyond the routine. A second factor in our decision was the level of service he routinely provides."

Richard B. Hatheway, Mayor Village of Geneseo

"The Livingston Insurance Agency has worked closely with Noblehurst Farms, Inc. over the last 20 plus years providing for a full spectrum of insurance needs. The Agency is staffed by knowledgeable, trained and experienced professionals who are consistently ready and able to service our demands.

As a multi-generation, family business, Noblehurst Farms, Inc. has ventured into new endeavors and Livingston Insurance Agency has partnered with us as we navigate through coverage decisions and insurance limits. We have found Jan Rogers and his staff to be diligent in their service to our business by following up on a quarterly basis to update schedules, inquiring about changes within the business, and keeping us abreast of insurance product options. His staff knows farming, understands our industry, and has experience with a number of underwriters to help coordinate a variety of insurance coverage. We consider them an invaluable partner in the management of our day to day operations.

Production agriculture is constantly evolving with new technologies, production practices, business structures and venture opportunities to consider. The Livingston Insurance Agency works side by side with our management team to evaluate risk and liabilities in order for our management to make sound and reasonable decisions.

Noblehurst Farms values local business relationships which provide outstanding, professional service along with competitive pricing and products. Livingston Insurance Agency is one great example of a local company demonstrating that capacity and aptitude.

Sarah Noble-Moag, Noblehurst Farms, Inc., Linwood, NY

"Jan Rogers of Livingston Insurance Agency was recommended to us a few years ago by a friend. At the time we were searching for a knowledgeable, proactive agent that would find the best policies to fit our personal & business needs. We wanted a professional we could rely on to continually keep our policies updated with the right coverage and competitive rates. We found exactly what we were searching for. Jan Rogers and his staff have met and exceeded our expectations from day one. They provide excellent customer service with ongoing communication and personalized support. It has been our experience that going above and beyond is the norm for Jan and his team."

Laurie Vonglis, Vice President, Hurricane Technologies, Avon, NY

After the loss of our entire home and all of our belongs, Hanover Insurance Company, Jan Rogers, Darcy Lynch and their team were there for our family every step of the way.

Thankfully we escaped uninjured, but were left with nothing. We even lost some of our animals. Within hours of our devastating loss, their team was present to assist in establishing temporary living arrangements that were able to keep us close to the rebuilding process.

Jan, Darcy & Carolyn knew that this was an extremely difficult process for us and during the entire time put our family's needs first and could not have made the process easier.

We will forever be grateful for all the guidance and support that they have given to our family through this very difficult time in our lives.


Bob & Janice Noto

June 2019

My first interaction with Jan Rogers and Livingston Insurance was in 2011. We had not even been his customer for a year when we had our first barn fire. The way that claim was handled definitely defined Jan's character in my mind. He was on site within a day and made sure we had everything we needed. He spent the following weeks checking in with us and letting us know how the process was going and what steps we needed to take. He helped to make a trying event on our lives as bearable as possible. Needless to say we have been loyal customers ever since.

In my personal experience I have had nothing but good experiences with Livingston Insurance. I was impressed by the amount of time and effort Mr. Rogers put into helping me to begin to understand what all that insurance mumbo-jumbo meant and what would be best for me. I have used his expertise to help me navigate my insurance needs at various milestones of my life. He provided guidance on renter's insurance when I first ventured out on my own; as well as life insurance when I married. Throughout it all I have always been impressed by how easy it has been to get in contact in Livingston Insurance. If I'm looking for guidance on which insurance is best, I call or text Jan's personal cell phone. If I have a technical issued I call the office and talk to Jenny of one of the other office stall. They are always helpful and understanding.

The reason I am writing this now is because in June of this year we had a second fire. After eight years with Livingston Insurance I thought I had an idea of what to expect. I was proven wrong, they exceeded all my expectations. The fire broke out at 3 that morning, the fire department left around 7 a.m. and Jan was there by 11 a.m. He spent hours with us as we worked to get operational. He helped to document everything and made sure we kept good records of the work we put into the repairs. The follow up was up to the same standard. Jan spent the following weeks going back and forth between us and the insurance company, getting documents and giving updates. Jan Rogers and Livingston Insurance Agency, Inc. have proven to be in my opinion both quality insurance and a good friend.

Skyler A. Barney

Member Butterville Farms LLC

October 2019


We first became clients of Jan Rogers in 1981 when he was associated with the Youngs and Linfoot Insurance Agency in Geneseo, New York.  As a young married couple, Jan provided us with life, auto and apartment insurance policies.  In 1991, Jan established the Livingston Insurance Agency and invited us to transfer our policies to his new agency.  As we had found Jan both attentive and responsive to our early needs, we moved our policies without hesitation. 


We bought our first home and started a family so turned to Jan to provide home owners’ insurance. As our children reached driving age, we depended on Jan to provide increased coverage for our growing fleet of vehicles while minimizing our out of pocket expenses.  Unfortunately, accidents happen.  When they did, we found Jan to be an understanding ear but also resourceful and knowledgeable as he provided direction for continued coverage and protection for us and our children.   


Today Jan holds policies on four of our vehicles, our primary place of residence, our vacation camp, and a boat.  Throughout the past 34 years, Jan and his team have provided us with exemplary insurance service.  We have never considered changing our insurance coverage due to the personalized and timely responses we have received from Jan and his staff.  Without hesitation, we would recommend Jan and The Livingston Insurance Agency Team to anyone seeking an insurance agency that will provide knowledgeable, customized and timely service. 


I have had the privilege to work with Livingston Insurance Agency, Inc. for the past three years for the Village of Avon. They are not only professional, they are a pleasure to work with.

Jan Rogers emanates a sense of trust and worthiness that makes you feel secure that you have complete insurance coverage. He and his team are diligent, responsive and yet very patient.

I can confidently recommend Livingston Insurance Agency, Inc. as a solid and reliable insurance provider.

We have had the privilege of working with the Livingston Insurance Agency since we started our business in 2004.  Their level of expertise and knowledge is exceptional!  They are always willing to spend the time to answer all our questions, helping us to understand the intricate levels of insurance requirements often required by our contractors.  Peggy has gone above and beyond our expectations, even going so far as to sit in on conference calls with a contractor.  Their level of integrity and professionalism is superior.  We recently switched over all our personal insurance needs, and appreciate Tara's dedication to ensure that we are getting the best insurance for our needs.  We have referred friends and family to contact Livingston when looking for insurance, and highly recommend them.

The service that myself and my family receive from Livingston Insurance Agency is second to none. No matter what the question, change, or problem is that needs to be addressed I can always count on Jan and the Livingston Insurance team to get it taken care of in a fast and extremely professional manner. I feel very at ease knowing all of my insurance needs are met and at a better cost per level of protection than I ever had in the past with anyone else


We have been a proud client of Livingston Insurance for over 17 years now with home, automobile, and life policies.  Jan and his team really excel in regards to communication, details and follow up. As our needs have grown throughout the years, Livingston Insurance has been there to look out for our benefit and we say thank you!


DBR Plumbing, Inc. has been dealing with Livingston Insurance Agency for the past 12 years. In that time, the Agency has been there at any time DBR has required assistance from them. They have been prompt in handling any claims and questions with immediate response. They are the most professional, courteous and friendly group in the office that DBR has ever dealt with. DBR would recommend this agency to anyone.

I have had the privilege of working with Jan Rogers, owner of Livingston Insurance Agency and his staff for many years.  During this time, my personal and business insurance needs have changed several times.  Each time, Jan and his staff were able to meet and exceed my expectations in regards to service, response time and professionalism.  Livingston Insurance Agency doesn’t just take an insurance application and give a quote…..they take the time to listen, know and understand my personal and business insurance needs, which allows me piece of mind to run my business.  If you’re looking for a “cheap, quick, not sure what coverage I have” quote then you should look elsewhere.  If you’re looking for experience, quality and reliability, then you have found it at Livingston Insurance Agency.

I feel Livingston Insurance Agency goes the extra mile for us. I can call them any time and they are there. They also keep our policies up to date. The previous insurance company we had was not as good. Livingston Insurance Agency review our coverages quarterly. When we had a fire, Jan had a cash advance to start rebuilding in less than a week. I called them on a weekend and they had insurance for my daughter who had a car accident and needed a new car. They have been very reliable. I am happy with them.

I have maintained my insurance with Livingston Insurance for over 20 years in a variety of areas which include: A large dairy farm involving a four person Partnership; two limited Liability Corporations which includes a housing development and a Transportation Corporation; all which require building and equipment coverage for fire and liability protection. Jan Rogers has always maintained expeditious and precise guidance when requested to insure exposure protection as needed. Premiums have been in a competitive area at all times. In summary, I feel that Jan  Rogers and all the personnel of Livingston Insurance have continually provided confidence that our security and success is their concern.

I truly appreciate all that Jessica, Jan, Peggy, Tara, Jennifer and all your staff do for our farm and myself.  I have a lot to worry about running and managing a 1100 cow dairy, but I don't worry about our insurance.  Whether its liability coverage, life insurance, workers compensation, or personal coverage, I know it's taken care of.  Jan takes the time to go over everything in our policies and makes the trip to do it in person.  Whenever I need to make a change, ask a question, or add coverage I can count on it to be done right away.  I truly know that everyone in your office cares about the success of my business and the safety of my family.  I probably can't say enough to share my gratitude for all the hard work everyone at Livingston Insurance has done over the years.

Choosing Livingston Insurance Agency to provide insurance for my cars and my home was easy.
I have known Jan Rogers for probably three decades and respect him as a business man and insurance expert.  (Plus he's from my hometown of Geneseo, NY!)
No wonder my husband and I have been a customer since 1994.
It's nice being able to ask advice from someone you trust and Jan has always given me good information so I could make decisions on the coverage I need to protect my house, its contents and my vehicles. That was particularly important to me as my children became teenage drivers!  We now have five drivers in my family which sounds expensive, yet Jan is always looking for ways to incorporate the best coverage for the lowest cost.  Just recently, he suggested changes that reduced my monthly car insurance bill by about $50.    
I must admit, we have had to rely on Jan to help us through times when someone in the family had a car accident.  Jan is always quick with a response, getting an estimate and making sure repairs could be made as quickly as possible.  He also always follows up to see if more needs to be done.
That's why I have stayed with the Livingston Insurance Agency all these years.
Service and  good protection at a reasonable cost.  Combine that with Jan Rogers' trust-worthiness, it is a true no-brainer!

In the approximately 20 years Livingston Insurance has covered my business, home and vehicles, I have never once felt my business was not important to Jan and his team. As my life and business have changed, Jan has always been there to offer his expertise, caring guidance and advice to ensure my family and business was well protected at a competitive cost. 

I want to express on behalf of the Town of Groveland, during the past 12 years while working with your agents at Livingston Insurance Agency, Inc., the Town has been fortunate to have expert coverage and support. The added benefit of being a local agency makes it so much more AMAZING. Through all the years of claims and litigation your expertise has been the utmost professional and spot on to ensure 100% coverage. I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and support.

I have been a client for years.  They are always looking for better rates for my insurance and will call if they find a better deal for me. When handling my claims they go the extra mile and make the process easier for me so I have to do very little.  My questions are answered quickly when I call.

About 7 years ago, my father called Jan to look the insurance policies over for our farm. At the time, we milked around 850 cows. He found several problems and fixed them. Myself and my brother in law purchased the farm from my father in 2010 and currently have 1100 cows. We continue to use Jan for all of our insurance needs. Jan is excellent at finding the things we need covered that we just wouldn't think about needing to be insured. He has saved us some money, not a lot, but some. However, we have much, much better coverage for the same or less money than our previous insurer. Jan also helps me with all of my personal insurance needs. Best thing about Jan and his office? When I call I get the help I need instantly. In the past, I had to call my previous agent several times just to get him to answer the phone, much less show up for a visit. I trust Jan to take care of our insurance needs and he will continue to do so in the future.

No one likes to deal with an accident or even a fender bender; a real inconvenience for sure.  I have found Jan and the staff at Livingston Insurance to give quality, prompt, polite customer service. Their professionalism kept the process moving and got the repairs done!

Livingston Insurance Agency has always provided us with prompt and reliable service. Jan and Jennifer and their employees go above and beyond our expectations.

The staff at Livingston Insurance Agency, Inc. have been a joy to work with.  They are very responsive and helpful in all areas of insurance administration.  They are relentless in pursuing the best affordable coverage available and finding the correct insurance for our requirements.  I would strongly recommend them for your every business and personal insurance needs that will satisfy your peace of mind.

Livingston Insurance Agency received a rating of 5.0 out of 5 based on 20 reviews on IWantInsurance.com.